Welcome to Your Daily Drinks!

Here together with like-minded people we discuss anything related to beverage. You can also buy, sell and trade watches the clock snacks buy & Sales department. The forum is run on a voluntary basis, and the level is set entirely by our members, although there are a handful of moderators.

We like to have a forum with high ceilings and as few rules as possible and as little as possible moderation. But for simplicity we have some basic principles for the discussion board that you should take a look at …

What can we discuss?
The forum is primarily a forum for geeks clock, watch collectors and watch fools. Are you such is the right place. This means that we first discuss clocks and clock-related topics. But as we all (well, most of us) have other interests and sometimes just want PIFFLE it’s okay with not clock-related topics. For convenience, such wires should be in the Forum section Lifestyle …

What we can not discuss?
We do not discuss counterfeiting, other than as comparative discussions in order to learn more about what differentiates a copy from an original. One such topic should always include pictures and references to an original and spirit of the wire must be educational and awareness-raising. This means that a thread where headed for example, “Check what good copy, etc.” is not okay.

If you are unsure, skip Posting wire or check with Admin. The subject is sensitive and if in doubt always Admin decides what is right. In a thread about fakes and we will link to pages that do not sell fakes or support (we invite them simply in traffic).

We discuss obviously not those required by Swedish law is strictly prohibited. If in doubt about this Admin decides what is right.

“Day Watch Threads”
Pictures on your current watch posted in the great day bell-wire. The only exception is in grassland management forums Fridays when an unapproved Friday wire usually created by a rebellious member ….

package Openings
Package outs can be done in two ways.

1) by posting pictures of their latest addition to the large package opening thread (here’s demands zero, just slapping on and post the images on the new addition)


2) create a custom package opening wire. To do this, however, there are some basic requirements. The main requirement is that it be done with originality which means there will be pictures, it should be clear what it is to watch (model, brand, technical spec and preferably also some general history on the model) and it should be clear why you just bought this watch (ie a personal reflection on the clock selection). A good package opening topic is therefore okay to upload (it’s encouraged!) But it must have a certain level.

Style and attitude
We are here because it’s fun and because we share an interest. We are adults and all members are expected to act as a reasonably adults. A simple basic principle is that you do not write anything to anyone in the community that you would not be able to say over a cup of coffee IRL. You are therefore always personally responsible for what you post on the forum.

Be nice!

admin’s role
Admin moderating only in exceptional cases. This is a forum and not a kindergarten. But in cases where Admin moderates so at good foundation and what the Admin decides in these cases it applies. Admin may not always right, but the admin is always admin.

Time Snacks administrators and forum founders are: Denke, the David & Spencer66
In addition to the admin are also two moderators: jakob.dala & his

Questions and comments, who do I contact?
Generally, you can always contact anyone of us that drive and moderating the forum. You can also use the reporting feature if it is a post or the like, you think we should pay attention, do it in moderation, however, we are moderating only in exceptional cases. However, we have some different responsibilities to help if you want to contact:

Denke: Buy / Sell, Discussion Forum
Spencer66: Discussion, main contact, if you want to advertise commercially forum
the David: technical issues, user accounts, forums operational
jakob.dala: Vintage, general moderation
his: Reviews, Handicraft, general moderation

Who can post?
Anyone who wants! There are no requirements other than a bell interest. All are equally welcome and if you feel like it, feel free to introduce yourself in the presentation thread, you will notice that we are hanging here is not what hours geeks any time without darned nice clock geeks!

The only catch to the post is that you must register as a member, it is too easy and completely free.

This site takes no responsibility for the content of any of the messages written on the page. All posts reflects only the author’s views.

You agree not to post material that is offensive, pornographic or otherwise illegal.

We reserve the right to remove or edit topics.

The page is subject to Swedish law.

You grant us a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable and unrestricted license to use, publish, or republish your content in connection with the service.